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Marc Robinson - The Counterfeit Crickets

Marc Robinson

Marc Robinson
The Counterfeit Crickets
Marc Robinson's first interest in music started like the most of us - at School. After leaving School during the week he trained to be a draughtsman… but at weekends he played in the local clubs with his band playing vintage Rock and Roll - Gene Vincent - Bill Haley&Marty wilde
As Marc and the band played more and more of Buddy Holly's songs, it was noticed just how alike he and Buddy were. So he purchased the horned rimmed glasses, the tailored suits and the iconic Stratocaster guitar and thus Marc Robinson's Tribute to Buddy Holly was born.

Since Marc has dedicated his working life to Buddy Holly he has achieved so much. He has played at Glastonbury festival- played for Cliff Richard's Birthday Party - Appeared in 2 Feature films - Toured the Middle East - Appearing at the Brit Awards - appearing on ITV's Stars in Their Eyes - Playing on the same bill as Buddy's Original Crickets - Playing the London Palladium - TV Biscuit Commercial - Playing in Front Of Sir Paul McCartney
Touring as Buddy with the Rockin' On Heavens Door Theatre Show.

And he continues to perform as Buddy Holly ''as long as the fans want me to''

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