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Shadowing Hank - all the Shadows hits

Shadowing Hank

Shadowing Hank
all the Shadows hits
'Shadowing Hank' is a full look-alike and sound-alike tribute to Hank Marvin featuring Justin Daish as the man himself ' you can look forward to a faithful re-creation of all the shadows hits and the vocal section includes the shadows Eurovision entry ‘let me be the one’ plus songs from Cliff Richard, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry

Justin has put lots of thought into this tribute to make sure this is one of the sharpest one-man shows on the circuit. The smart suits the hank glasses and red fender guitar, It features state of the art technology such as combined backing track and lighting software which controls an intelligent lighting rig 100% correct specification guitars, as well as the 'Echoes From The Past' echo system as used by Hank Marvin himself.

This great act has won rave reviews everywhere it has played, and Justin has had various members of The Shadows including Bruce Welch, Jet Harris and Licorice Locking inviting him to join them on stage

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