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Forever Jackson - ultimate tribute show

Forever Jackson

Forever Jackson
ultimate tribute show
'Forever Jackson' The ultimate tribute show to the king of Pop and is fast becoming one of the most 'in demand' tribute shows in this country.

Robin Pearsons pays homage to the late great king of pop Michael Jackson, singing 100% 'LIVE' vocals, his voice faithfully replicating the distinctive sound of Michael Jackson its so close you could be forgiven for believing that he mimes. Robin has perfected the dance moves step by step in every detail. To get the Jackson look just right Robin undergoes a 2 HOUR stint in the make-up chair using only theatrical make-up. Robin has spent the past 14 years studying Michael Jackson from head to toe, in minute detail just so that his audiences are left spellbound.
Robins Love of Michael Jackson has been a life long journey, his dedication to the star paid off when he got the chance to perform for Michael himself at Michael's 45th birthday party at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

Forever Jackson is backed by an amazing all girl dance team led by Choreographer Jenny Butler the girls perform the classic world famous dance routines that a Michael Jackson production is well known for.

Robins 'Forever Jackson' is versatile as it can be performed as a solo with dancers and backing tracks ..or comes complete with dancers and a 3 piece 'live' band.

Forever Jackson has performed all over the world in countries such as Dubi - Egypt - Crete - Turkey - Mexico as well as all over the UK for major holiday group companies.

Ladies and Gentlemen ................ITS SHOWTIME !

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