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Cliff..... As If - Peter Pan Of Pop Tribute

Cliff..... As If

Cliff..... As If
Peter Pan Of Pop Tribute
Cliff...As If. Is a very professional and lighthearted tribute to Sir Cliff Richard. Which began life way back in 2007 when Will Chandler realised he bears a striking resemblance to the Peter Pan of Pop. Will has since travelled all over the UK and abroad as Sir Cliff, appearing in many holiday resorts, Hotels, Theatres, Music Festivals and Social Clubs. He will even come along to your special event be it a wedding, birthday or anniversary.

When Will and Cliff first met back in 2008, Cliff was astonished at just how uncanny the resemblance was and was so taken a back all he could say was 'hey it's great to meet me'.

Will also offers the 'Cliffagram' service where he will turn up at any venue, yes! even your place of work, to surprise Cliff fans by singing a few well know Cliff Richard songs and making the occasion lots of fun with his hilarious impersonation.

Will also performs with various Shadows tribute bands.

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