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Lorraine Crosby - Mrs Loud!

Lorraine Crosby

Lorraine Crosby
Mrs Loud!
Lorraine Crosby is the girl whose voice everybody has herd, but no-one knew her name (till an appearance on BBC1's the voice). She was the female voice on Meatloaf's number 1 worldwide hit "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That!)". Lorraine herself was managed by the incredible Jim Steinman, and he was looking for a female vocal to record with meatloaf on his latest record…and Lorraine's voice was just what they were looking for!
With Lorraine's distinct and powerful voice during the recording session Meatloaf nick-named Lorraine 'Mrs Loud'! a nickname that has stuck to this day.

When Lorraine appeared on BBC1's The Voice unfortunately no judges turned round, but you could see the disappointment on the judges faces when the chairs finally turned to meet her and she explained who she was.

Lorraine is a truly great singer with outstanding charisma, charm& dynamic personality...her natural talent is further emphasised by her fantastic band.

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