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Baron Von Gringle - i Vant to bite your neck

Baron Von Gringle

Baron Von Gringle
i Vant to bite your neck
Picture a real live vampire at your event or function. Come too close and you can hear it's not human!!! Feel your guests shudder with astonishment when they are met by their own fear as he lunges forward and dives at them wanting a feast !
The Baron Von Grindle hangs from his resting place (a specialist portable trapeze perch) upside down, waiting for anyone to come within striking distance… Unexpectedly he lunges up and out scaring the prey into making a quick exit away from the potential danger of a vampires bite!.
Within the blink of an eye he moves from being upside down to being stood on top of the perch looking down over the whole room with a deathly stare ! Down off the perch he stalks your guests snarling and hissing with deathly stillness, wild eyes and hunger shining from his fangs. When he is satisfied by their screams and yelps he returns to lie in wait once again and hang around for his next unsuspecting victim to come frightfully close. The Baron Von Grindle also mixes and mingles with guests, showing his delightful charming side. With wit, repartee and some painful killer jokes he entertains around tables or holds court. Always with a few tricks up his sleeve too he might show you his pet severed hand that crawls about his person which is frighteningly realistic.
Alternatively he could be hatching at your dinner party: First course finished, a disturbance from some of the theming? Your guest have no idea someone or something is in there! It pulsates, swings and becomes reckless… Hatching to reveal your special guest.
You can imagine the rest!

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