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The Wild Murphys - Great Irish Band

The Wild Murphys

The Wild Murphys
Great Irish Band
The best Irish group to never have come from Ireland, that's the general consensus of 'The Wild Murphys'. Middi, John & Tony have been touring their unique take on Irish music for the past 13 years, their brief is to play Irish music that is impossible to not like.
The Lads Perform their own unique versions if classic and well known from such as The Pogues, The Dubliners, The Saw Doctors, Brendan Shine & The Fureys to name just a few.

The Wild Murphys are not a folk band and they defiantly not a ceilidh band you cannot even call them a rock band they are an Irish group playing some great songs in their own unique way
Accompanying their live instruments is studio recorded backing tracks. Should The Need arise you can also book The Wild Murphys as a 4 or 5 piece for the bigger event or theatres

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