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The Land Girls - Pack up your troubles

The Land Girls

The Land Girls
Pack up your troubles
The Land Girls are a 1940s World War II Themed Tribute Show.

The Land Girls wisk you back in time to the war years with an authentic show who can remember the blackouts and the wail of the frightening air raid siren.
Listen to Winston Churchills fight them on the the beaches speech as his voice echos around the room setting the mood for a patriotic and impressive journey into times gone by. Then the all clear is sounded and its time to Join in the singing as The Land Girls perform all the best anthems from the 1940s made famous by icons such as Gracie Fields and the forces sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn, all seamlessly interwoven with original recordings from news and radio broadcasts of the age, Listen to the roar of the spitfires engine, witty banter and instrumentals associated with the wartime years such as The Great Escape and The Dambusters.
This show is perfect for any vintage, patriotic, corporate, Army, Navy, Air Force or WWII themed event. The Land Girls deliver the complete experience, as they perform in period costume and in front of a 1940s themed backdrop all to set the mood of Britain though the war years

As the great Winston Churchill once said Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. The Land Girls maturity and connection to the war years through the stories their serving fathers told them, ensures that they perfect and deliver a passionate and credible performance every time.

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