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Richard Young - close up magic

Richard Young

Richard Young
close up magic
Well into his 20th year as a Magician Richard but it all began for him at the age of 14 when he was crowned the winner of the 'Young Magicians Close-Up Magic Competition'. Richard was one of only two finalists without the benefit of professional tutoring. Richard's success in the competition paid immediate dividends as he also received an offer of free tutoring from professional Magician Bob Swadling - who has developed tricks for Paul Daniels and David Blaine.
Another consequence of Richard's win was an offer to perform in front of a live studio and television audience on national television, an offer he gladly accepted.

In 2008 after being nominated by two highly regarded existing members,
Richard successfully passed the examination criteria and was offered
full membership of the world famous Magic Circle in London.
In 2010 Richard and another Magic Circle magician began putting on
theatre shows across the UK presenting some large stage illusions
which are too big to be presented at the dinner table or in normal
sized conference rooms. A double act between the two magicians became
the logical evolution of the performances and in 2011 it became
officially known as Young&Strange (Their real surnames). Young &
Strange performed on ITV1 trying to 'fool Pen and Teller' a magic show where magicians perform tricks and American Magicians Penn and Teller try to work out how it's done.
In 2013 The council members and examiners of The Magic Circle promoted
Richard to AIMC within the organisation, the highest membership level
attainable through performance examination.

A word from Richard:
The most popular choice for my clients is for me to perform Close-Up
Magic and then follow it later in the evening with a one-man 20 minute
stand-up magic show. This act is performed for everyone at the same
time and is suitable for an audience of up to 150 people, however, the
show works just as well with an audience of ten people. It was scripted
by myself and a stand-up comedian, and features magic on a grander
scale which helps the show build to a spectacular conclusion.

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