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Josuha Pickering - Mr Slight of Hand

Josuha Pickering

Josuha Pickering
Mr Slight of Hand
The Magic of Joshua Pickering.

Joshua Pickering is an award winning Magician that has performed for audiences young and old at home and abroad.

His zany sense of humour whilst on stage show mixed with mind blowing magic tricks will leave you asking ‘how did he do that’.
his personality shines through weather he is on stage or up close and personal performing his close up work infused with outstanding sleight of hand.
His main show lasting 45 minutes is suitable for family audiences and he can turn his craft to suit shows for Children’s parties and Adult only audiences.
Joshua has appeared in many a holiday camp, in theatres and he even found his sea legs performing on many a cruise ship.

If you want a Magician with that something extra then Joshua Pickering is the man for the job.

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