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Carrie Michaels - great stunning vocals

Carrie Michaels

Carrie Michaels
great stunning vocals
Carrie Michaels: This stunning young lady was destined to sing from childhood after taking part in many talent competitions, most of which she won. She began her professional singing career at the tender age of 16. Carrie has learnt her craft and gained lots of experience by singing here in the UK and overseas. She has also spent time singing on cruise ships for P&O and Island Cruisers. Should the job entail Carrie is fully trained to sing in fluent French&Italian.

She chooses her songs that suit her voice, her repertoire can be adapted to suit any audience young or old as she has a vast collection of music which covers great classics from every decade to showstoppers right up to the present day with the most current chart topping songs.
Carrie's look on stage is also taken care of with her vast wardrobe collection enabling her to perform one or two costume changes throughout the night.
She comes totally self-contained or has the dots to work with live musicians form a trio right up to an 8 piece orchestra.

Carrie is quite capable also of working as a show host - compare

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