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Jimmy Cricket - 'Come Closer'

Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy Cricket
'Come Closer'
Jimmy Cricket having left school aged 16 he spent time learning his craft as a Butlin's Red Coat during the summer of 1966, 2 more summer seasons followed this time at the Butlin's Camp at Clacton. From 1972 he worked as a Blue Coat for Pontins in Southport and Morecombe

After winning LWT's talent contest 'Search For A Star' in the early 80's
He was given his own comedy show called 'And there's more.' He made several guest appearances on other TV variety shows with the Krankies and Bobby Davro. He also took part in the Royal Variety Performance in 1984.
And despite being 65 years of age he still continues to work up and down the country on various projects.

Jimmy Appeared in the Video for comic relief in 2007 alongside Peter Kay and Matt Lucas and the Proclaimers singing the hit 'I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)

His best-known catchphrases include 'come closer!' and '…and there's more!'. And he often has a letter from his Mammy that he like to read out to the audience.

With the funny black hat on his head and his wellies which are on the wrong feet there's no mistaking Jimmy Cricket!

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