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She - international girl Duo


international girl Duo
Unique International Duo ‘She’ has a special edge, with both trained in many different styles Rebecca & Chloe can authentically deliver performances from classical to pop rock. This enables them to wow audiences with a sensational variety of timeless, powerhouse vocals.

Onstage their friendship and love for their craft is undeniable, with voices that match their personalities and their fun-loving charisma shines through in every single performance. They are a must-see act with a wealth of experience spanning 30 years between them.
The girls are fully prepped for a range of performances from cruises to the corporate and personal event market. They are flexible in their style, using sheet music ranging from 3-piece band to 9 piece and click tracks, they can also be self-contained with their own PA equipment lights and high-quality backing tracks.
Rebecca & Chloe will captivate you both on and off stage with their warm, bubbly
presence and down to earth nature which makes them a joy to work with.

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