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Chuckletruck - family fun band


family fun band
CHUCKLETRUCK: Are a 4pc Comedy Show Band playing 100% live the band consists of family members Jeff and Stan (brothers) Lee and Jamie (who are also brothers and are Jeff's son's). They have vast experience in performing shows all over the UK in all kinds of venues. The boys provide an entertaining mix of comedy and music to cater for all ages.
The comedy set is a mixture of family friendly parodies, sketches and tributes to some all- time comedy greats! Finishing the night with a 50's, 60's & 70's music set, with a surprise hint of modern songs featuring the younger members of the band.
Chuckletruck haven't always been a comedy band in fact, this happened quite by accident! One night during a Chuckletruck show, the boys were hit by a technical glitch, Jeff being the front man had to think fast on his feet to fill the long awkward silence while the problem was sorted. With the glitch fixed It was noted just how well the comedy aspect went down with the audience so the lads decided to keep the comedy in the act and Jeff, being a big fan of comedy having seen the likes of Roy Cubby Brown - Joe Pasquale in concert helped Jeff to hone his silence-filling patter as he started to share some jokes. And the comedy stayed in the set forever more. To this date the line-up has changed over the years, but the one you see today is the most slick, tight and professional set up.

Jeff - Stan - Lee - Jamie = Chuckletruck!

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