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Steve Hewlett - the single double act

Steve Hewlett

Steve Hewlett
the single double act
Steve has been a ventriloquist since the tender age of 12. He has a passion for the old school ventriloquist's of their day - Peter Brough - Terry Hall - Ray Alan - Neville King - Arthur Worsley.
He too admires Keith Harris - Jimmy Tamley - Ron Lucas because not only are they great vents but they have offered words of advice and encouragement to Steve over the years.

He loves making people laugh and impressing them with his skill as
a ventriloquist. Often saying it's the puppets they come to see but if they like me as a personality too then that's a bonus.
He has worked all over the world on some of the finest stages supporting some very talented, and well know faces along the way.

But it was in 2013 that Steve found himself on the 'Britain's Got Talent' Stage where he introduced to the world 'Arthur Lager' this performance got him through to the semi-finals when he produced Arthur again but this time alongside a puppet resembling Simon Cowell which ultimately earned Steve the wild card for the live final where with his 'Simon' puppet we were introduced to a 'Sinitta' puppet too! This very funny routine earned Steve 4th place.

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