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Les Mckeowns - Bay City Rollers - Tartan Army

Les Mckeowns - Bay City Rollers

Les Mckeowns - Bay City Rollers
Tartan Army
The Bay City Rollers shot to superstardom In November 1973 "Remember", became the Rollers' first single with Les McKeown on lead vocals, which shot up the UK charts peeking at no'6, that was quickly followed by "Shang-A-Lang", "Summer love Sensation" and "All Of Me Loves All Of You" all hitting the Top Five. But It was "Bye Bye Baby" that gave the Rollers their first UK Number One in May 1975 followed by "Give A Little Love" in July. Their first US single, "Saturday Night", went straight to the top number 1 spot of the Billboard charts, their first British album, "Rollin'" also reached the number 1 position in the charts. The Rollers released many more Top 10 songs over the next two years including "Money Honey", "I Only Wanna Be With You", and "You Made Me Believe In Magic". they toured all over the world and played to sold out crowds in the USA, Japan, Great Britain, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.
When Les McKeown left the Bay City Rollers in 1978, The Rollers quickly disappeared from public eye. Les McKeown reunited the band in 1982 for sold out shows at Tokyo's famous Budokan it was such a huge success they toured again in 1983, releasing a double 'Live in Japan' LP.

It would be more than 12 years before the band would perform together again, taking the stage in their hometown of Edinburgh for the massive Millennium concert festival on New Year's Eve in 1999.
The demand to hear the Bay City Rollers is still strong today, so Les McKeown created "Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers". With himself still on lead vocals and new members Si Mulvey, Alex Toff, Michael Koch and Alex Southgate. This new line up have given the band a new energy and excitement and because its Les's vocals on all the original hits this new Rollers still sound as good now as they did then
Today they continue to tour all over the UK, Japan, Germany, Canada and the USA. Still performing to fanatical crowds, audiences are treated to all the old hits retaining all the original magic. So dig out those Tartan Trousers and scarves and lets party !

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