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The Dakotas - great sixties sound

The Dakotas

The Dakotas
great sixties sound
The Dakotas hail from Manchester and were the first Mancunian band to appear at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. They are mostly associated with being Billy J Kramer's backing band during the 1960's but, however they were well known in their own right and were spotted by Beatles Manager Brian Epstein who at the time was looking for a band to back his newest signing ...Billy J Kramer.
Together they had a string of hits which include 'Do you want to know a secret', I'll keep you satisfied', 'Bad to me' and 'From a window' all of which were Lennon&McCartney compositions, all of which charted but their biggest single was 'Little Children' ( which not written by Lennon&McCartney ) gave the band a number one single in March 1964.

Following the Death of Brian Epstein the band disbanded, only to reform some 20 years later and again backed Billy J during a tour of the UK.
after the single 'Were doing fine now ' failed to chart Billy J and the band parted company ... in the late 80's the Dakotas soon found another singer his name Eddie Moony and the band continued to gig up and down the country on the 60's music package circuit backing such artists as Wayne Fontana - the late John Walker (walker brothers) and are in great demand for gigs up and down the country.
They even found small TV fame with keyboard player writing the theme and incidental music to Peter Kays Phoenix nights, which they recorded to accompany the series. Another major change accrued in 2008 when lead singer Eddie Moony left the band as he was asked to join the fortunes as their front man after the untimely death of Rod Allen.

The Dakotas current line up is ...
Toni Baker - Keyboards/ vocals
Maz Jones - Bass Guitar
Alan Clare - Lead Guitar
Pete Hilton - Drums
Ronnie Ravey - Front man / Lead vocals

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