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Marty Wilde - & The Wild Cats

Marty Wilde

Marty Wilde
& The Wild Cats
In the late 1950's Marty Wilde was a member of the infamous Larry Parnes stable and was one of Britain's leading Rock n Roll singers with regular appearances on TV shows such as ....6.5 Special - Oh Boy - Boy Meets Girl

Throughout the 60's, 70's, and 80's Marty continued to have chart success not only as a singer with hits 'Donna', 'Teenager In Love','Bad Boy', 'Sea Of Love' but also as a writer as he wrote hits for Lulu 'I'm a Tiger' The Casuals 'Jesamine' Status Quo 'Ice in the Sun' and for his Daughter Kim Wilde that Smash 80's hit 'Kids in America'.

in 2007 Marty celebrated 50 years in the business and was joined on tour by younger Daughter Roxanne, this tour culminated in a sold out concert recorded at the London Palladium, where one of the highlights was he reunited the remaining shadows on stage.
Today Marty and his band, The Wild Cats still tour extensively with his own show ''Born to Rock n Roll'' playing at venues up and down the country. Marty also appears at Butlin's 'festival of the sixties' and does intimate cabaret shows for Warners, and there is no sign of Marty hanging up his guitar just yet !

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