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Marmalade - Powerful Sixties Band


Powerful Sixties Band
Marmalade have been around since the early 60's but back then were originally known as Dean Ford and the Gaylords - they had moderate success up in their native Scotland between 1961 - 1967.
It was only when the band relocated to London to try their luck that things really started to happen for them, with hits 'Loving Things' - 'Wait For Me Maryanne' - 'Baby make it Soon' and then the massive big one 'OB LA DI OB LA DA which Marmalade adopted as their Anthem.

During the 70's the band continued to have hit records - 'Cousin Norman' - 'Radancer' and the beautiful 'Reflections Of My Life'. It was during this period that the band went through some line-up changes and welcomed Sandy Newman on guitar and lead vocals, Sandy had the bands next hit single with 'Falling Apart at the Seams' which was a hit for them here in the UK and in the US.

Jump Forward to today and Marmalade's line up is ..Sandy Newman (guitar vocals) John James Newman (Sandy's son on Guitar and vocals) Jan Robinson (Bass Guitar and vocals) - Alan Holmes (Guitar/Keyboards, Vocals) & Chris North (Drums)
They are still as popular as ever with appearances at all the major 60's festivals here and abroad and are firm favourites with the Butlins Crowd.

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