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Hermans Hermit's - your into somthing good

Hermans Hermit's

Hermans Hermit's
your into somthing good
During the sixties the music scene was full of British groups 3 in particular became household names namely The Rolling Stones - The Beatles and four lads from Manchester 'Herman's Hermits'...... in 2014 the Hermits celebrated 50 years in the business! from their humble beginnings in Manchester in 1964 to this very day the band have had over 23 top twenty singles ....10 hit albums .....appeared in 3 major 60's films and countless TV appearances and concert tours all around the world their records sales total over 75 million.
in 1971 Peter Noon decided he had gone as far as he wanted to with the band, so he left to pursue a solo career. Since then the band have not stopped, Original drummer Barry Whitwam has guided them onwards and made sure that the diary is always full - they play over 200 show a year, their heavy touring schedule takes them all over the world stopping off at such places as Germany - Belgium - Denmark - Holland - Japan - USA - Canada - Australia and New Zealand and they still find time to play here in their home country! ....
It was on one of these trips to America that Barry Whitwam was lucky enough to meet the King himself Mr Elvis Presley

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