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Dave Berry - & The Cruisers

Dave Berry

Dave Berry
& The Cruisers
Memphis Tennessee - Little Things - This Strange Effect - The Crying Game - Mama, are all hits for Sheffield born Singer Dave Berry , he formed his band The Cruisers in 1960. His Trade Mark if you will, is to sing the songs while either hiding behind props - stage curtains, or scenery and, or to wrap himself around his Mic Lead. Dave's stage persona was influenced by Elvis Presley and Gene Vincent, and a few years later singer Alvin Stardust had accredited Dave's stage act as to how Alvin appears himself on stage.
During the 1960's Dave enjoyed great chart success, a Top 20 hit in 1963 with their first record, Memphis Tenessee, lead to more hits with their success with the classic hit, The Crying Game coming in 1964. This Classic song brought Berry's voice to his biggest international audience ever in 1992, when it was used as the theme song for one of that year's most successful films - The Crying Game.

Dave's excellent backing band The Cruisers are led by musical director and longest serving member(25 years) Brian Wood

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