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Dusty Springfield - Vicki Lambert

Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield
Vicki Lambert
Welcome to Vicki Lamberts Dusty Springfield Tribute.
Vicki is an amazing tribute artist to one of the greatest female soul singers of the swinging 60's.The white lady of soul miss 'Dusty Springfield.'
Vicki has taken her Dusty tribute into theatres and holiday parks all over the country. She has supported Many Original artiste of that era The Searchers - Chris Farlowe - Steve Ellis&Love Affair to just three. Vicki will adapt to any type of environment and is loved everywhere she goes. All songs are in the original key as Dusty would have sung them, and she wears authentic dresses made to the original design as worn by Dusty on stage. With the trademark black panda eyes and the soft powerful soulful voice, Vicki will take you back to the 60's with authentic sound and great nostalgia of Dusty Springfield.
Vicki is in great demand as Dusty so have a night to remember and enjoy with her tribute to Dusty Springfield.

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